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Add to CompareShare Interior decoration stuffed animal wholesale from Vietnam This stuffed animal is made by artisans carefully in many hours. They are the spirit children Viettime Craft workers with clever hands and rich imagination. Sophisticated, unique and "soul" products of craftsmen; It has both long-lasting and unique features.
Disposable painted bamboo salad bowl made in VItenam for sale Bamboo bowls with many sizes are very suitable for every your dishes.Bowls are painted full color or combined lacquer and nature.
Handmade food safe natural wooden spoon/ wooden tea spoon for sale Vietnam spoon is made of 100% natural wooden. Size of these spoon is customize to suitable for your used purpose and easy to scoop. Suitable for elegant restaurant or classic space in kitchen. They make your meal become warmer and more elegant.
Set of 6 Round Rattan Cup Coasters With Holder After harvesting and selecting rattan carefully, artisans work in many hours to make the best rattan trays with many different shapes.These rattan trays are painted by non - toxic and safe color under international norms. These coaster help your cup more luxurious and convenient.
Foldable seagrass belly basket/ Toy storage basket Sale These beautiful baskets have so many uses from an original beach or picnic bag to stylish storage in all rooms of the house from the living room, to the bedroom, playroom or babies room they even make attractive plant holders! Wonderfully soft and lightweight yet hard wearing and can hold a surprising amount. They also have the great feature of folding in the middle to create a lovely bowl shape.
High quality lacquer tray/ painted wood tray/ painted bamboo tray Features:Light weight,Durable,Food safe It can be used to put driectly food on the surface of this tray or use trays to serving plate of food. Can be used in restaurant to create a profesion style of serving or be used in your kitchen as a special kitchen accessory. It will be attractive in parties.
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