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Flat Furnace The equipment are best advanced oven equipment in the country, there are a watch glass,light,can ore all kinds of brand,cake and pastry, it is best equipment for food owner.
HYZYJ-500 Type Automatic Flour-pressing Machine Surface pressure machines before the old time-consuming, and press Out the dough is not very satisfactory results,pressure side automatic machines available ,replacing the old-fashioned manual press surface machines, save a lot of labor, the machine has a simple structur,Operation is food hygiene and high production,Suitable for large food companies, effectively improve the yield and quality.
HYSHJ Double Speed Dough Mixer The machne structure is compact,easy to operate ,drive mechanism inside all enclosed in the body,
HYCQJ-300 Type Inflatable Mixer HYCQJ-300 Type Inflatable Mixer is simple,energy,health,high output,full computer control with PLC process, suitable for large food companies.
HYJJ-80 Type Mixer This equipment is essental in food equipment,it can play eggs,stirring,especially suitable for food factories,candy factories and other units to use, the device using automatic frequency control and touch pad control movements, greatlly reducing the labor intensity,is the most advanced equipment.
YZB-50Type Automatic Moon Cake Bale Stuffing Machine This machine is one of the most ideal paste equipment for different offd such as moon cake. Ling can produce douce paste food,With a fully computerized control systerm this machine is very easy tk operate.
RXJ-10 Type Soft Heart Bread Paste Filling Machine Quantitative accuracy of this machine ,simple operation,reasonable structure using light,electricity,gas,PLC, servo motors combined with control, producion of food is safe and sanitary. Suitable for large food comlpanies.
HYZZJ-800 Type Cake And Bread Filling Machine ZZJ-800-type cake ,bread stuffing injection machine,injection machine for the cake of bread stuffing ,the best taste of its prodcts ,to imject filling,jam,bean paste, cream and other fillings.
HYSDJ-600 Type Double Color Cake Machine This machine reasonable structure,simple operation, smooth runing, high efficiency, the use of computer PLC control, can accurately quantitative regulation.
HYDDL-600 Type Single Row Cake Machine HYDDL-600 Type Single Row Cake Machine Customer needs can be adjusted according to weight.This function of supporting our company'shot air rotary oven,tunetl furnace, floor furnace can be colored.
HYSDJ-600 Type Double Cake Machine The machine's structure is reasonable ,simple, smooth operation, high efficiency,using computer PLC control,accurate quantitative regualation,It absorbed the advanced technology,use of cyinder-powered,automatic quantitative extrusion and high accuracy.
Hot Air Rotary Furnace Rotary air circulation oven is the relationship of food production and heaith facillties, especially for high-quality food is most appriate and best, is the food's the most advanced baking equipment.
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