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2 in 1 shrink packaging machine
FM5540 2 in 1 shrink packager is suitable for packing boxes, toys, electronic bricks and so on. The two machines can pack the products with a layer of plastic film, which makes the packaging more beautiful and firm.
Label shrink packaging machine
This series label shrink machines are mainly used to shrink label of product in bottle shape, can shape or barrel shape with glass bottle, plastic bottle or paper cup. The label either on the top, in the middle, at bottom of bottle or wrapping the whole bottle is able to be shrank with different type model. It is widely applied in the industry of food, medicine, cosmetic and pesticide, etc.
QL5545-1 automatic L-type sealer
The QL5545-1 automatic L-type sealer adopts copper alloy sprayed with teflon, it won't stick film, sealing fastness, without smoke, non-pollution. Horizontal and vertical sealing knife adopt whole connecting without gap, the film won't break. Sealing frame adopts high quality alloy steel, the sealing quality is stable, frame difficult to be damaged.
ZBS83A steam label shrink machine
ZBS83A steam label shrink machine is our new-developed shrink machine. It adopts steam as heat source, and has features of high speed, even heating, no wrinkle, adjustable power and perfect shrink effect. Machine body applies S/S material, addtionally heat-preservation layer is provided. This not only saves energy, but accords to international security standard. Whole machine adopts water-proof design, and S/S water receiver is mounted in the bottom in order to collect condensed water.
XBF500 blister sealing machine
The skin packaging machine has the advantage of low costs and wide scope of use, such as knife and folk, hardware, etc. It needn’t models in packing and kind of goods and the packing procedure is simple with the effects of transparent, beautiful, strong felling of stereo perception, preventing damp and dust.
SFTD series Foot Stamping sealing and cutting machine
The SFTD series foot stamping sealing machine possesses all functions of other simple foot stamping sealing machines. It can seal polythene, poly propylene and multi-layer compound plastics. Up and down adjustable stuff capping rack, can be used to seal paper bag when heated from top to bottom earning high efficiency, and is irreplaceable by other sealing machine.
QSJ5040A Automatic sleeve wrapper
QSJ-5040A is suitable for wrapping products such as pop-cans, bottles, etc, with bottom-tray or without bottom-tray, working with BSE-6040 or other PE shrink tunnels.
QD250 air cushion packaging machine
QD250 air cushion packaging machine is developed to produce air cushion, which is used to wrap delicate goods for protection, such as toy, IT products, electrical products etc. Machine adopts HDPE film in roll. Machine is easy to operate and compact. HDPE film has various type for different goods wrapping. Comparing to other padding material, air cushion has advantage of less material cost and light packing weight.
LGYF-1500A-I continuous induction sealer
The LGYF-1500A-II continuous induction sealer utilizes electro magnetic induction principle to produce instant high heat to melt aluminum foil. Then it adheres to the bung hole, reaching the aim of wet-proof, leakage-proof, mildew-proof and extending preservation time. Now it is widely used as sealing package machine in industries such as pharmaceuticals, pesticides, pesticides, lubricant and cosmetics etc.
FXJ6050 semi-automatic carton sealing machine
FXJ6050 carton sealing machine is mainly used in sealing and packing cartons, which can be used either independently or as a necessary part of a production line. The machine is widely used in the fields of electrical, domestic, textiles, foodstuffs, general merchandise, medicine and chemical industries.
FQL-450C pneumatic L-type sealer
FQL-450C pneumatic L-type sealer is our new product. This machine achieve automatic seal, at the same time we can adjust the sealing time according to different requirements. It modermize this machine and satisfy your requirements. In addition, this machine install warming system that ensure the safety of operator.
DZ double-chamber vacuum(gas filling) packager
DZ-2SB series double chamber vacuum packaging machine is featured by automatic processing of vacuuming, sealing, printing, cooling, which is used in vacuum packaging for the food, pharmaceutical, aquatic, chemical and electronic industries. It can prevent the products from oxidization and mildew, as well as corrosion and moisture, keeping the quality and freshness of the product over a prolonged storage time.
P-RO series All-in-one reverse osmosis pure water machine
Reverse osmosis use enough pressure to separate solvent (usually it is water) of liquor through film of reverse osmosis (or semi-permeable membrane),so it is called to reverse osmosis.
CFD-8 automatic cup filling and sealing machine (eight cups)
This series is widely used in various kinds of plastic cup for liquid filling and sealing.It can automatically finish the process of filling,sealing,cutting,printing the code,sterilizing in ultraviolet radiation and falling cup etc.IN addition,it can be customized that according to your special requirements.
The BSE series PE film shrink tunnel
The BSE series PE film shrink tunnel is suitable for all kinds of shrink films. The machine adopts digital temperature controller, which makes operation easier. There are shrinking tubes on the top, bottom and sides of the shrinking room. The powerful fan inside the tunnel makes the air heating equally. The speed of the conveyer is adjustable. And you can choose roller or net conveyor as your request.
AS1000 automatic liquid packaging machine
AS1000 automatic liquid packaging machines are widely used for various kinds of liquid packaging. Such as milk, soybean milk, fruit juice, ice drink, soy sauce, vinegar and wine. It adopts one PE film as packaging material. It can automatically sterilized by ultraviolet radiation, bag molding, print the code, precisely fill, seal and cut at the same time. The products have been long-tested and its performance enjoys a very high reputation from our clients.
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